A start-up with decades of experience, the unchanging determination to innovate and to inspire game changes in leading-edge industries, the desire to contribute to bringing people closer together… these basic principles motivate us to be entrepreneurs in the widest sense of the word.

Our passion remains intact in all our areas of endeavor: aeronautics, advanced digital technology, communication, etc. Innovating and pushing the boundaries of excellence are today, as they were in the past, at the heart of our commitment. These values allow us to focus our initiatives, with the ultimate goal being to serve our customers and to achieve our success through their success. 

This is why Dassault Aviation has become a leader in the global aeronautics industry, in civil aviation with its range of Falcon jets and in defense aviation, with the Mirage 2000 and Rafale.  
In the same spirit, Dassault Systèmes has become the benchmark company in 3D CAD technology. Our solutions enable teams in a great number of companies of all sizes throughout the world to create new products in a wide range of industries: transport, industrial design, architecture, consumer goods, etc.

This spirit of entrepreneurship has also inspired us to widen our horizons to the information and communication sectors. The Dassault Group today owns the Figaro Group, a leader in France in the publication of dailies and magazines and in Internet information services.  
Our patronage programs and our support for scientific and medical research also demonstrate our commitment to people and our desire to contribute sustainably and relevantly to the great challenges of our society.

Our future is therefore quite similar to our past, based on constant and evermore demanding innovation and on our determination to be competitive, to meet our customers’ most challenging needs. Making sure that our people possess the highest levels of skills and that they contribute to our entrepreneurial passion will always be at the heart of our progress!

Serge Dassault
CEO, Dassault Group