Our Values

"Nothing great can happen in a world without passion"
Friedrich Hegel


Passion is an essential value for the Dassault Group, the basis for all great undertakings. Passion is above all the capacity to constantly strive to go beyond the limits and to question conventional wisdom. It is the determination to conceive and design original solutions and to generate the enthusiasm to achieve results.
Today, Passion is at the heart of the company’s spirit. It inspires and drives the Group’s 18,000 employees in areas as diverse as aeronautics and space exploration, IT, robotics, publishing and digital information services, art and winemaking. Passion propels the men and women of the Group to reach hitherto unattainable horizons, perpetuating the spirit of the aviation pioneers that founded the company.


Innovation is the fusion of passion and daring. It expresses the collective merging of talents and skills. It is the ultimate manifestation of an organization’s collaborative capacities, its ability to communicate and its determination to constantly update its knowledge and competencies.
The different businesses and professions of the Dassault Group work in synergy. This creates the momentum for renewal that drives its various activities, from original design to customer service, via the continuous improvement of its products and the optimization of its processes and cost structure. Innovation is the key to the Group’s sustainable growth.


In all of the Group’s undertakings, Excellence is an indefectible benchmark of its expertise and professionalism. Approximation has no place in the cockpit of an aircraft or in robotic software. The “eminent degree of quality” is applicable everywhere: to the precision of engineering, to the search for safety and security, to the understanding of customer needs, to the optimization of processes. The pursuit of Excellence has over the years become a cornerstone of the Dassault Group’s heritage and culture and has become intimately linked to its image and to its relations with its customers and suppliers.


Commitment is a founding and lasting value of the Dassault Group. It is at the heart of the company since its beginnings and expresses itself in many ways, in particular in the comprehension of its customers’ needs and expectations. Commitment drives design, manufacturing and customer service, respecting and going beyond increasingly demanding standards. Commitment also stimulates progress in research, inspires healthy governance practices and guides the company in its relations with its employees. This value is also expressed in the Group’s profit-sharing schemes, enabling the company to motivate staff and to create convergent synergies between all stakeholders.
Finally, responsible Commitment is expressed in the social and societal initiatives of the Group, the ultimate expression of its values and its generosity.