"Success has always been the child of audacity."
Prosper de Crébillon

INNOVATION at the heart of the enterprise

Innovation is the driving force of our industrial activity, in aeronautics as well as digital technology. Our subsidiaries participate actively in the New Industrial and Technological Revolution which is geared to optimize the entire chain of production: design, manufacturing, servicing and maintenance of products. This holistic approach applies to all our subsidiaries which work closely to establish synergies that leverage all our competencies and integrate all our expertise, working toward a unique goal: quality throughout the Group.

Innovation is also the key to our service offer, anticipating on the future requirements of our customers and our partners. Technology in this respect is only a means; the real difference is achieved through the human relations in our everyday dealings inside the company and with our customers. 

Our patronage policy focuses on leading-edge medical research and provides support to inspired initiatives to improve society and people’s living conditions. Innovation for the Dassault Group is based on multidisciplinary cross-fertilization and on the constant improvement of scientific knowledge and human relations. 

Technology, Service, Commitment are the key concepts that summarize our determination to innovate so that humanity can progress.