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2019 ABACE Show


Dassault Aviation takes part in the 2019 ABACE show at Shanghai (China) from 16 to 18 April 2019.
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Dassault Aviation is a French aerospace company with proven dual expertise as a manufacturer of both military aircraft and business jets.

Designer and manufacturer of the Rafale, a twin-engine multirole fighter that performs all types of combat missions for both air forces and navies.

Designer of the nEUROn combat drone, a joint European program, and of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) drone in a joint French-British endeavor.

Designer and manufacturer of the Falcon family, twinjet or trijet business aircraft that stand out thanks to their handling qualities, operational flexibility, low fuel consumption and a number of innovations derived from the military sector.

The hub of a strategic industrial network comprising hundreds of companies in France and internationally.

Core industrial shareholder in the Thales Group.

Expertise in a number of technologies that are key to national independence.

Pioneer in the use of CATIA™, the 3D CAD / CAM system that has become a global standard.

Creator of more than 100 prototypes in the last century, with over 10,000 aircraft delivered to 90 countries.

2,100 Falcon jets in service

1,000 combat aircraft in service

11,942 employees 78% in France