Patronage at the heart of the Group’s Values

"Commitment to patronage and contributing to research are not duties, they are a conscious choice. Reason obviously plays a role in this choice, but the feelings of the heart are the true guide for our actions."
Serge Dassault

The Dassault Group’s longstanding policy of patronage is based on the awareness of the company’s social responsibility and its commitment to contribute to societal needs. In this spirit, the Group has structured its actions to give life to its founding values - Passion, Innovation, Excellence, Commitment – and to perpetuate their meaning through concrete actions. 

Its societal contributions are focused on two well-defined activities which reflect the Group’s culture: scientific research and socially-oriented projects. Over the past few years, Solidarity has become the leitmotiv of all its actions, concentrating efforts on health issues and social integration, in particular for young people. 

The Group’s commitment is consistent with other initiatives undertaken personally by the CEO, such as the Serge Dassault Foundation for mentally-disabled adults.