Institut Gustave Roussy


The Institut Gustave-Roussy (IGR) is a leading force in the French health system in the fight against cancer. As Europe’s leading center to counter this disease, IGR provides facilities for 2,600 health professionals who provide care, develop new therapeutic solutions and disseminate information to the medical and scientific communities, in France and internationally. IGR monitors and provides care for 44,000 patients and its research platform includes 27 teams who train and manage 2,800 students, researchers and physicians every year. 

For IGR, the challenge for the decades to come is to introduce new treatments and to support research, focusing mainly on genomic studies. The human genome contains all the genetic information stored on DNA chromosomes and genes. The Dassault Group’s patronage contributions have been useful in advancing research that proved that it was possible to clinically analyze the full genome of each patient, potentially enabling better cancer treatment. This approach is now mature and subsequent research will attempt to demonstrate its efficiency as a tool in medical decision-making.
Having been recognized by public authorities as a center of national importance, IGR has developed numerous patronage programs with private and public-sector companies and corporate foundations.  

The partnership between the Dassault Group and IGR is part of this overall policy. Support began in October 2002, with the funding of a special unit for adolescents and young adults (13-20 years old) struck by cancer. This section is part if the IGR Pediatric Oncology unit.  

Over time, this partnership has also led to the development of other initiatives. Several auctions, for example, were organized to support cancer research:

  • 100 Femmes pour la Vie (2003) and Du Rose pour la Vie (2008) to contribute to breast cancer research
  • 100 Hommes pour la Vie to contribute to prostate cancer research (2006).

Since 2007, the Dassault Group has mainly focused its support on breast cancer research. The team of Dr. Fabrice André is the main beneficiary of this backing. Its work is focused on “personalized” treatments, to provide the most efficient treatment protocols for each patient, so that they receive better care to improve recovery.


The Group also supports the Course Odyssea, a race organized to raise funds for the IGR for breast cancer research the IGR. The annual event is part of the international “Pink October” program, which encourages public initiatives to heighten awareness on breast cancer and to raise funds to combat the disease. Every year, since 2007, about 100 Group employees have participated in the race, all dressed in pink, thus demonstrating their commitment and that of their company in the fight against cancer, giving hope to people suffering from the disease.


In December 2011, the Dassault Group, in conjunction with the Banque Lombard Odier, organized an auction of Gustave Art Toys at the Group’s subsidiary, Artcurial, to support the IGR. 
The Gustave Art Toy is a single 60cm sculptural model, in polyester resin, which was stylized by 27 contemporary artists. The sale generated revenues of €400,000 all of which was given to the IGR.


At the beginning of 2012, a partnership was signed between Dassault Systèmes and the IGR to provide IT engineers who will work on modeling cancerous tumors. This latest initiative will contribute to the Révolution Cancer program of the IGR which is seeking to personalize cancer treatment by generating a virtual cell to determine which patients need specific care. The construction of this virtual cell will use an advanced bio-computer and mathematical platform, as well as modeling and interactive networking expertise. 

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Support in the fight against breast cancer

Enabling research to progress

As part of the Pink October (Octobre Rose) campaign, the Institut Gustave Roussy, supported by the Dassault Group, launched the “Rose pour la Vie” (Rose for Life) campaign on 8th October 2008. This major operation was both an information campaign on innovations on care for women with breast cancer and events to benefit research on the disease. 

The awareness campaign took place on 9th and 10th October 2008 at Artcurial, with an exhibit of pink objects by artists, designers and major brands, as well as the original plates of the graphic novel “Cancer and the City”**. 600 people attended and an auction to sell the 100 different objects took place on the evening of 9th October, generating €30,000 in sales. 
Another campaign took place at the same time for “Du Rose pour la Vie” which generated over €70,000 in donations. 

Du Rose pour la Vie, Washing machine by Chantal Thomass
Du Rose pour la Vie, Washing machine by Chantal Thomass

Funds collected for “Du Rose pour la Vie” now amount to over €100,000. 

To keep the month of October going… 
Foe each copy of “Cancer and the City”** sold via the IGR, 50 % of the amount will be contributed to the IGR (5% when the book is sold in a bookstore).

Tel. contact IGR : 01 42 11 63 16 / 62 10.