A race for the heart


The Dassault Group has been participating in the Course du Cœur (the Race of the Heart) since 2001 to heighten awareness among the general public on the importance of organ donations, with its slogan, “Organ donations on the march!” This year the 26th Course du Cœur left the Trocadero in Paris, with 14 teams participating, including a group of people with transplants. They covered 790km in a rally between Paris and Les Arcs in the French Alps. Almost 200 runners, with the backing of 150 volunteer organizers, carried the message of the importance of organ donations, which concern 15,000 people in France awaiting an organ every year.

A key moment in the life of the company

For the last 12 years, this sporting challenge has been a veritable show of support, bringing together the most “accomplished” athletes in the Group, with participants from nearly all the subsidiaries. This year’s contingent included two runners from North America, a marathon runner and a triathlon competitor.
This event has become a highlight in the life of the company, which includes campaigns to raise awareness, exhibits, partnerships with company health service personnel, drawing contests for the children of employees, a blog and campaigns in the Le Figaro and on Figaro.fr, all of which demonstrate the company’s commitment.


Two days before the start of the race, 200 employees, families and friends of the Dassault Aviation site in Argenteuil, just outside Paris, gathered at the town’s municipal stadium, to support organ donations, proclaiming the universal message of “A heart for everyone, everyone with heart!”
On 4th April, numerous Dassault Aviation employees in Mérignac, just outside Toulouse, came together to walk, run or bike 3, 6, or 9km. Two representatives from the Bordeaux University Hospital transplant unit, as well as representatives of the ADOT (an organ donation association) were present to disseminate information on organ donations.

INTER-generational understanding

A drawing contest was organized for the children of employees in Saint-Cloud, in Istres, in Argenteuil and at the Dassault Group Head Office in Paris. All the drawings were exhibited, then collected and given to the Trans-Forme Association. This contest was part of the “10,000 hearts for hospitals” campaign, organized at the same time as the Race.  

For further information: www.trans-forme.org