Déclic: Supporting employees’ initiatives

Déclic: Supporting employees’ initiatives

In January 2010, the Dassault Group undertook a survey to identify employees’ personal commitment in NGOs and other humanitarian causes. A questionnaire and a call for projects was disseminated among all staff members to find out what people were doing or potentially wanted to do for their communities or the environment. On the basis of the information gathered, the Group launched the Déclic program to support existing actions and encourage other humanitarian and socially responsible actions. 

The Jumeaux et Plus (Twins and More) federation was the first to benefit from this support. This organization, recognized officially by the public authorities, unites 83 local associations who provide material and psychological support for parents of twins, triplets or quadruplets. They also inform future parents on the realities of life with multiple births and inform physicians of the health issues of pregnant women expecting several children.


Dassault Group Director of Communication and Patronage

Why did you launch the Déclic program?
Déclic is the logical extension of our patronage policy, begun in 2001 by the Group. For over 10 years, we have backed associations which focus mainly on health, medical research and the improvement of people’s quality of life and living conditions. The next stage, it seemed to us, was to support our employees’ initiatives that reflected our values and to create a link between individual and collective actions. After having surveyed our staff, we designed Déclic to be in line with their commitments and ours.

How will the Group contribute to these projects?
I think we can contribute in many ways. First, we will provide financial aid for our employees’ projects. We would also like to support new initiatives and exchange ideas on various key issues and on the values that we share with the people involved in these social and community organizations.