Sport in the City

Integrating young people through sport and employment

The Sport dans la Ville (Sport in the City) association was founded in 1998 by Nicolas Eschermann and Philippe Oddou to favor the social integration of young people through sports. Today, there are 18 sports centers in the heart of difficult neighborhoods in different municipalities in the Rhône-Alpes region (Lyon, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne) which provide free facilities and services to 2,800 young people (7 to 20 years-old) every week. The participants benefit from the help of professionals and play football (soccer), basketball and rugby. 

Having become France’s leading organization for integration through sports, Sport dans la Ville has extended its activities over the years. For 20 to 30 year-olds, the association created “Entrepreneurs dans la Ville” (Entrepreneurs in the City) in conjunction with the EMLYON management school to encourage the start-up of new companies. As part of this activity, the association built a dedicated space for young entrepreneurs known as “Campus Pro”. The Dassault Group contributed to this initiative by partially funding the offices in this 600 m² building. These facilities are used by start-up entrepreneurs and welcome 350 young people in a related job-creation program, “Job dans la Ville” (Job in the City). The entrepreneurs and youths looking for work are supported in this “incubator” by professionals, including trainers, legal advisors and successful entrepreneurs. 

Other initiatives have been launched by Sport dans la Ville, including summer and winter vacation outings, international exchange programs with similar organizations in the US, Brazil and India, as well as workshops to improve written and verbal communication with the “Apprenti’ Bus”, which goes to a different neighborhood every evening.