The Inpact Endowment Fund

Using CULTURE to encourage social harmony

Inpact, which stands for Initiative pour le Partage Culturel (Initiative for Cultural Sharing) is an endowment fund launched publicly on 14th March 2012 in the presence of Frédéric Mitterrand, at the time the French Minister of Culture and Communication, the founders and the press. The mission of this fund is to make culture more readily available to people in all walks of life and to encourage social harmony, equal opportunity and personal improvement. 
Responding to a request of the French Minister of Culture and Communication, 11 companies and foundations, including the Dassault Group, responded favorably to this initiative from the very start. 

Arnaud Lanoir and Didier Plowy / Inpact – Sylvain Groud and David Morganti / Chambre 209

Inpact’s objective is to disseminate culture, to educate, to train, to encourage cultural diversity, to create networks and foster exchange and to expand new practices, including the use of digital technology. With the support of its partners, Inpact will also seek to identify cultural practices throughout France and to encourage support from public and private bodies. Inpact thus hopes to reveal remarkable local initiatives and to develop these through the support of enterprises and individuals. 

Inpact will mainly focus on the following areas:

  • Youth: artistic and cultural exchange and education
  • Social integration (people excluded from cultural actions or who are incapable of participating in cultural events or unaware of their existence)
  • Geographic coverage (rural areas, urban areas with little cultural activity, overseas French possessions)
  • Encouraging amateur practices
  • The use of digital technology to disseminate culture and to create new content.

Inpact is managed by Laurence Drake, General Delegate. Olivier Costa de Beauregard, Dassault Group Deputy Managing Director is the Secretary of its Board, chaired by Philippe Vayssettes, Chairman of the Board of Neuflize OBC.

INPACT. Initiative pour le partage culturel 
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