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The prix Marcel Dassault and the Fondation FondaMental

Since 2012, the Dassault Group has worked alongside the Fondation FondaMental to support its research on mental illness and promote cutting-edge psychiatry research to help patients. The €300,000 award is open to all teams at the Fondation FondaMental and aims to support an innovative project.
Applications are assessed and the winner chosen by the Scientific Evaluation Committee at the Fondation FondaMental with the help of an international jury. According to the World Health Organisation, mental illness affects one in five people in France, making it a major challenge for our society.

The role of the Fondation FondaMental

Created in 2007 by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Fondation FondaMental is a foundation for scientific cooperation, committed to the fight against mental illness. The foundation brings together both French and international clinicians and researchers from various fields of expertise: genetics, immunology, epidemiology, molecular biology, etc. Its main objectives are to improve the understanding of mental illnesses, identify biomarkers, discover new treatments and therapeutic strategies and, last but not least, measure the social and economic impact of these frequent, chronic and debilitating illnesses.

Promising real modernity in the field of psychiatry, the Fondation FondaMental is a sign of societal progress to come that will truly make a difference. The foundation also works tirelessly to find partners, fund research, create chairs of excellence and research awards and support grants for young researchers. 

The winners of the Prix Marcel Dassault are :

  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2012 Angela Sirigu and Stéphane Jamain – Autism and Bipolar Disorder
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2013 Dr Luc Mallet and Prof. Frank Bellivier – Obsessive-Compulsive
  • Disorder (OCD) and Bipolar Disorder
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2014 Prof. Joël Swendsen and Philippe Courtet – Neuropsychological Vulnerability
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2015 Philip Gorwood and Laurent Groc – Addiction Vulnerability and Psychotic Disorders
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2016 Nicolas Glaichenhaus - Schizophrenia
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2017 Joël Doré – The link between gut microbiota and autism
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2018 Dr Lucile Capuron - Depression
  • Prix Marcel Dassault 2019 Dr Andreas Frick - Autism

By supporting the Fondation FondaMental, the Dassault Group seeks to improve research on mental illness to gain a better understanding of these illnesses and help those who suffer from them.