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Renaissance virtuelle de la dernière demeure des Rois de France

We are lucky live in a country of vast and abundant cultural heritage, rich in savoir-faire, that brings together individuals, associations and foundations willing to devote their time and money to revitalize these sites.

The French government and public authorities alone cannot fully preserve and protect our historic buildings. As such, Dassault Group chose to take part in initiatives to restore and safeguard these structures, ensuring that the places which shape our culture continue to enthrall and enlighten future generations.

In 2021, Dassault Group concluded a comprehensive 10-year, €50 million partnership with the Patrimoine Foundation, the Notre-Dame Foundation and the Center for National Monuments.

The Center for National Monuments (CMN), under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture, is an administrative public body dedicated to restoring, maintaining and enlivening some 100 monuments and historic sites throughout France.

The first iconic monument managed and administrated by the CMN to be selected is the Saint-Denis Basilica.

Complementing the overhaul of the Basilica’s visitor itinerary, intended to accentuate the royal tombs, Dassault Group wanted to support the development of digital tools that will provide greater insight into this awe-inspiring historical monument.

The virtual rebirth of the Rotonde des Valois will offer the general public a chance to discover this lost treasure commissioned by Catherine de Médicis in 1559 to hold the spectacular tombs of the illustrious House of Valois. The Rotonde des Valois, commonly known as Notre-Dame-de-la-Rotonde or Notre-Dame-la-Blanche, was a structure adjoining the Saint-Denis Basilica from the late 1500s until the early 18th century. It was demolished in 1719 due to the high cost of upkeep.

Virtual reality, harnessed to enhance the final resting place of the Kings and Queens of France, forges a symbolic link between history and modernity.