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Dassault Group and Course du Cœur

Dassault Group has been supporting the Trans-Forme association for 20 years : two decades of solidarity, including active participation in the “Course du Cœur.” This four-day, 800-kilometer (500-mile) trek between Paris and Les Arcs, in the French Alps, serves to blazon a vital message: “Organ donations go the distance!”

Each year, nearly 500 participants, assisted by 200 volunteers, run through cities and towns to raise public awareness about the need for people to clearly state their decision regarding organ donations.
At any given time in France, 20,000 candidates on the organ transplant registry are holding out hope of a donation, while the number of deaths due to a lack of available organs continues to rise.

Dassault Group and all of its subsidiaries are committed to making this sporting event a key moment in the life of our business. Awareness-raising campaigns, soccer, rugby and badminton tournaments, a partnership with occupational health structures, exhibitions, drawing contests for children of staff members, a partnership with Le Figaro and the figaro.fr website: these and other initiatives all demonstrate the dedication of the company and its employees to the cause of organ donations.