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"Committing to patronage and supporting research is a choice, not a duty. It may be a choice based on reason, but above all, it is a choice that comes from the heart"
Serge Dassault

Patronage is at the very heart of Dassault Group’s values

For many years, the Dassault Group has been committed to a responsible patronage policy based on its founding values: Passion, Innovation, Excellence and Commitment. The Group continues to honour these values by taking concrete action.
Dassault Group’s solidarity actions can be divided into several initiatives which reflect the company’s culture:

Chosen actions are intended to have a long-lasting impact to ensure that they make a real difference and allow us to follow the development of our actions more efficiently. Consequently, we have supported certain organisations for over 15 years.

Key institutes and organisations we support include

Health and medical research

Social integration and education

  • Education and professional and academic integration programmes
    young people from priority district...

Culture and heritage conservation

Dassault Group patronage newletter