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Restoring harmony to the Abbey and bringing glory to the village

A place of retreat and meditation, the Lagrasse Abbey offers its visitors an oasis of beauty and peace.

The renovation of the transept’s south arm will begin in the first quarter of 2023. The objective is to restore the church’s unity, consistency and its former splendor. The work will include reassembling the vaults, consolidating the walls, installing the roof and opening the wall overlooking the choir.

By recuperating its integrity, the Abbey will return to its original size and considerably expand the space available to welcome believers and tourists. The transept is one of the Romanesque treasures in the Corbières area; bringing it back to life will provide a quintessential view of the village.







History of the Abbey

Founded in the eighth century, the Abbey was favored by Charlemagne and blessed by the Popes. In the 11th century, it saw considerable growth and became one of the most important abbeys in the south of France. Its influence extended from the Albigensian region to Saragossa.

After the turmoil of the Hundred Years War, the Abbey experienced a spiritual, intellectual and architectural revival with the construction of the new abbatial palace.

In 1792, despite the support of the population, the Revolution persecuted believers. The Abbey was plundered, ransacked and split into two parts.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, two religious communities successively occupied the buildings: Les Soeurs de Notre-Dame des Sept-Douleurs (The Sisters of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows) and La Théophanie (The Theophany).
In 2004, the Canons revived the Abbey, and all buildings underwent renovation. The support of donors and benefactors is essential to continue the costly works and preserve this historical site.

The Lagrasse Abbey Foundation

The Fondation de l’Abbaye de Lagrasse (Lagrasse Abbey Foundation) is a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation Notre Dame (Notre Dame Foundation). The community of Canons living there, supported by laypeople, created the Lagrasse Abbey Foundation to fulfill three main missions:

  • Support the safeguard, renovation and enhancement of the Abbey’s buildings and surrounding gardens.
  • Develop and promote the savoir-faire of the artisans and the traditional crafts and craftsmen of the region.

  • Welcome pilgrims and other visitors, and support the charitable activities of the Monastery.