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Dassault Falcon Service is a major Service Center among the manufacturer network and performs maintenance services and modifications on the Falcon Eastern Hemisphere (Europe and Africa).

Since november 2016, Dassault Falcon Service inaugurated a new maintenance facility in Bordeaux-Mérignac to keep up with the steady growth in the Falcon fleet. The new complex is capable of accommodating up to 6 Falcon 7X, 8X and soon 6X aircraft at a time. To fully answer and satisfy our customers’ needs, the Ramp Service Team of DFS, unique in Europe, is ready to support any customer at Paris-Le Bourget airport or anywhere a Falcon requires, with the objective of returning the aircraft to service as quickly as possible.

Dassault Falcon Service offers on-demand business flights on any of its latest generation Falcon. With 50 years of expertise, Dassault Falcon Service also provides flight services such as aircraft management and technical support for all Falcon owners.

The FBO welcomes passengers and crews arriving at Paris-Le Bourget airport and meets all their technical and commercial needs, while the operations organize the flights preparation.


  • Business sector
    • Falcon maintenance and modification in the Falcon Eastern Hemisphere (Europe and Africa)
    • Unique Ramp Service in Europe, worldwide Falcon troubleshooting
    • Business aviation charter company
    • Falcon management
    • FBO
  • Main customers
    • Falcon operators (business, governments, private)
    • European large companies
  • Main sites
    • Le Bourget / France
    • Mérignac / France
    • Nice / France
    • Rome / Italy
    • Moscow / Russia
  • Director
    • Pierre-Etienne AUBIN, General manager


Dassault Falcon Service (DFS) was created in 1967, under the name Europe Falcon Service, to provide customers with a level of product support on par with the quality of
the company’s Falcon Jets.

Since its inception, DFS has committed itself to optimizing interaction and proximity to Falcon operators and ensuring that they enjoy access to the best and most complete package of support services available in the industry : maintenance, upgrades, FBO services, training and air charter. Today, DFS is the biggest Falcon support organization in the world.

Its primary maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) facility, located at its home base in
Paris-Le Bourget, is the largest in the world dedicated exclusively to Falcons, with seven hangars and 25 aircraft bays.

In 1988, in cooperation with Flight Safety International, it created the Falcon Training Center, also located at Le Bourget. The center recently installed the first full flight simulator for Dassault’s new ultra-long range Falcon 8X trijet.

In 2004, under its present name, DFS founded its first satellite service center, in Rome, and later added facilities in Nice, France and in Moscow/Vnukovo.

DFS also took over responsibility for customer support in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and beefed up its GoTeam and Aircraft on Ground (AOG) capability with FalconResponse, a portfolio of AOG services developed by Dassault Aviation. DFS operates one of the two dedicated Falcon 900 aircraft used by FalconResponse to support customers.

In October 2016, DFS inaugurated a second MRO center in Mérignac, near Bordeaux, to service the Falcon 7X, 8X and future large body models to come.

DFS operates ten Falcon Jets, including three Falcon 8X’s, making it one of Europe’s largest Falcon operators. Its Le Bourget FBO is regularly voted first FBO in Europe.








Dassault Falcon Service offers a wide range of services to Falcon operators.
The company has become a key part of Dassault Aviation support network due to its specialization in aircraft maintenance and modernization, its Handling and on-demand business flights but also its training department.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, in this particular environment that requests flexibility, rigor and high standards. We share Dassault Aviation’s group values. We promote team spirit, enterprise and innovation through observance and social dialogue. Each individual's fulfillment constitute the DNA of our company.

Thanks to our historical experience and knowledge, we are able to offer a large variety of careers.
Sharing and transmission of know-how is the heart of our concerns. As such, we employ an important part of apprentice in order to hire them, each year, to strengthen our teams.