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Marguerite and Aimé Maeght, a visionary couple

Inspired by great American institutions, the pioneering couple Marguerite and Aimé Maeght – art publishers and dealers who represented some of the most important artists of the 20th century – established the first private art institution in Europe.

Opened in 1964 by André Malraux, La Fondation Maeght was designed by architect Josep Lluis Sert for and with artists. Ahead of its time, Sert’s building is ecologically friendly and blends in perfect harmony with the landscape and the in situ works of artists such as :


  • Georges Braque,
  • Joan MirÓ,
  • Alberto Giacometti,
  • Alexander Calder,
  • Pierre Tal Coat,
  • Marc Chagall,
  • Fernand Léger,
  • Pol Bury,
  • Raoul Ubac,
  • et alii.


A project to expand the La Fondation to accommodate temporary exhibitions

Today, La Fondation Maeght, recognized as a public interest entity, is a jewel of the French cultural landscape and enjoys international recognition.


The building is classified as "Remarkable Architecture of the 20th Century". The Ministry of Culture, the Region and the Department of Alpes Maritimes are supporting the extension project imagined by architect Silvio d'Ascia.


La Fondation owns more than 13,000 works, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic works, which it lends to the greatest museums in the world. The collection of works by Joan MirÓ is the largest in France, with some 2,000 works. The Giacometti collection has no fewer than 200 works.


A space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, espoused by Aimé Maeght already in 1973, has become more necessary than ever.

The creation of an extension will satisfy visitors who are curious to see one of the largest collections of modern art in Europe. It will improve the quality of the visit, enrich the programming by offering indoor lectures, screenings and concerts, and diversify the Foundation's economic model by hosting private events.


The Foundation's expanded space will also allow for the design and development of more ambitious exhibitions to perpetuate the original spirit of the avant-garde in modern and contemporary art.

La Fondation estimates completion of the extension by July 2024, the 60th anniversary of La Fondation Maeght.