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Artcurial Group fully leverages the savoir-faire of its members, leveraging innovation to help clients navigate in ever more complex environments requiring in-depth knowledge and expert advice.
Every client enjoys comprehensive support from multi-skilled specialists with expertise in all types of pleasure- or passion-fueled investments : racehorses, Mediterranean villas, modern art, vintage automobiles, fine wines, Design furnishings, pieds-à-terre in Dubai, Paris or New York, and the list goes on.

The adventure continues for each of the group’s houses, with a focus on the unique keys to their success : proximity, trust, discretion and mastery in the art of agility, all combining to foster genuine cooperation and responsible relationships.



  • Business sector
    • Auctions, real estate


  • Subsidiaries
    • Artcurial
    • John Taylor
    • Arqana
  • Main sites
    • Paris
    • Monaco
    • Marrakech
  • Directors
    • Nicolas Orlowski,
      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    • Francis Briest,
      Chairman of the strategy and development commitee

Artcurial Group

Artcurial, John Taylor and Arqana all specialize in the intermediation of exceptional goods and properties,
with strong complementarity in terms of the type of assets handled.
These three brands share deep-seated specialization, recognized expertise in their fields and a particularly globalized client base.
The Group’s working methods guarantee internal independence and rapid action,
encouragingevery company to exhibit its entrepreneurial spirit to meet clients’ needs and expectations.


Founded in 2002 as the French market opened to competition, Artcurial quickly established itself as the leading French auction house. Since then, it has maintained a dynamic drive for innovation, expanding into new specialties such as comic books and urban art, up-and-coming fields that have achieved international success in recent years.

Having developed into a multidisciplinary auction house, Artcurial boasts international standing and an undisputed leadership position on the art market. With three main auction houses in Paris, Monaco and Marrakesh, the house stands out as a prime player in the art world, with international clients accounting for 72% of buyers.

Each year, Artcurial organizes some 100 auctions dedicated to 20th century artwork, vintage automobiles, lifestyle and luxury goods, as well as classic art. More than 25 categories of expertise are on offer, ranging from from Fine to Decorative Arts, not to mention Jewelry, Collectors’ Watches and Classic Cars.
Artcurial has expanded its areas of expertise in recent years, opening offices and launching events throughout the world. 

John Taylor

Founded in 1864, John Taylor stands out as one of the oldest actors in the luxury real estate market.
From the Taylor dynasty to the merger with Artcurial, the John Taylor company represents consummate expertise for exceptional properties in sought-after regions such as Paris, Monaco, Cannes, Dubai, Geneva and many other international destinations.

John Taylor continues to enhance its offering with new products and services to guarantee clients a customized response to all their needs. In addition to its three traditional specialties – real estate sales, seasonal rentals and property management – John Taylor has expanded into complementary fields including development of luxury homes and high-end commercial real estate, as well as yachts. 

With 150 years of history, John Taylor Group boasts a portfolio totaling more than €16 billion in over 25 exceptional destinations.
On the strength of this time-honored savoir-faire in France and around the world, John Taylor serves an international clientele of private individuals, with certain relationships going back three generations.


Arqana is the leading French auction house specializing in racehorses.
The company is based in Deauville, birthplace of thoroughbred and trotter bloodstock in France, where sales of yearlings (horses in their second year) have been held since 1887. Arqana was founded in 2006 on the initiative of His Highness the Aga Khan, Laurent Dassault and Artcurial Group.

Through more than a decade of rapid growth, the annual auction volume of Arqana sales has doubled, reaching nearly €135 million in 2020.
Each year, Arqana organizes seven trotter sales and 10 sales dedicated to thoroughbreds, from foals (less than one year old) to broodmares, as well as yearlings and active racehorses. The season comes to a climax in August with the sale of thoroughbred yearlings.

The thoroughbred market is fully globalized, with buyers traveling from all over Europe, including the United States, the Persian Gulf, Australia, Japan and South Africa to invest in the finest French bloodstock. The horses can then be trained in France, in the hope of winning the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe or the Prix de Diane. They can also be exported to their new owners’ home countries.